What is Dyme?

Dyme is a platform that empowers every company to be a climate positive company – by embedding climate positive outcomes in every transaction. Members can experience the impact of Dyme in three ways:

Dyme Rewards: Choose from gift cards from 600 merchants – from Chipotle to Macys to Subway!

Dyme Deals: Shop at over 15,000 merchants that support climate with the Dyme Chrome Extension. Or link your card and shop in-store and earn Dyme Dividends. Best of all? The Dyme Chrome Extension automatically finds discount coupons and applies them at checkout – all 30,000 of them!

Dyme API: For Fintechs, Banks, Financial Institutions and Card Issuers. Build Dyme Dividends directly into your products – whether to allow your users to exchange existing loyalty points or to offer climate rewards.

Regardless of how you experience Dyme, your gifting, shopping, discounting and building all contribute to reducing global warming – by supporting solar and tree planting at schools and communities here in America. 

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